A Leader’s Toolkit” – by Mr. Ajay Srinivasan

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November 17, 2017: JBIMS had the pleasure of hosting Mr. Ajay Srinivasan, CEO Aditya Birla Capital Limited for a guest lecture on leadership and his journey through his experience in the corporate world.

Mr. Srinivasan commenced the session with a brief introduction about his education and early days in the business domain with ICICI Ltd. Having worked at ICICI Ltd for four years, Mr Srinivasan worked with ITC Limited for 7 years. Further he moved to ICICI Mutual Fund Prudential and later took the position of Chief Executive, Fund Management at Prudential Corporation Asia. Later he joined Aditya Birla Capital Limited and has been working there since 2007.

He further mentioned 11 key learnings he deduced from his rich experience by quoting famous people and elaborated on how these can be of utmost importance if one were to succeed at their work. With various examples from his personal life and experience, he emphasized on major ideas regarding commitment towards work, leveraging on strengths, prioritizing work, openness to all perspectives, simplicity and implementation rather than just strategizing.

With a look into various requirements and challenges faced by a leader, Mr Srinivasan listed some common myths about the CEO role and stated arguments to support why these myths are not realistic. In addition to these, he described ‘a leader’s toolkit’ with various skills and their importance in context of building and leading a team at workplace. With competencies such as decision-making skills, communication skills, networking skills, people skills and in the end optimism, self-belief and self-motivation are the significant abilities that a leader must possess to be successful in his/her position.

On a concluding lap, the guest session ended with an interactive Q&A session. The session was indeed an insightful one as the students look forward to inculcate these ideas in their life so as to excel in their endeavours.