Abbott Business Case Challenge Launch

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February 1, 2018: JBIMS was host to dignitaries from Abbott India for the second season of Abbott Business Case Challenge launch. Mr Sunil Singh, Director, Talent Acquisition, Abbott was present for the launch of the competition.

The session commenced with Mr Singh addressing the current state of healthcare industry. Before moving forth, the students witnessed a video regarding Abbott Case Challenge Season 1 with testimonials from the participants. Mr Singh proceeded with insights regarding the global healthcare scenario. He mentioned about the global health expenditure which was estimated to reach USD 8.7 trillion by 2020. Further, he talked about Abbott’s present position in the industry in the country as well as on the global scene. He specifically pointed out the acquisition of St. Jude Medical thus strategizing to enhance the innovative concept of neuromodulation. In the Indian market, Abbott specializes in Nutrition, Pharmaceuticals, Medical devices and Diagnostics.

About the Business Case Challenge, Mr Singh explained the structure of the competition. The most noteworthy aspect of the challenge was the inclusion of Live Cases for the students to choose from. Participants from seven campuses will be a part of this competition. Also, the entries for the national finals would be mentored by the leaders from Abbott.

On a concluding note, the session came to an end with a brief Q&A session. The students seemed enthusiastic about the competition and were keen to be a part of it.