MBA Full Time (MMS)
About the course

MMS is the flagship course of Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies (JBIMS), conducted as a university department of University of Mumbai. It is a two year full time post graduate degree course in management. Started as early as 1965, the course has been modified continually and appropriately to suit the contemporary corporate world needs and has been able to nurture prominent leaders of the same. The institute offers various specializations like Finance, Marketing, Personnel, Operations and Systems in the second year of the course.

Commencement – 1965

Batch Size – 120 (Sanctioned intake by AICTE)


Course Details


The course content is common for all students in the first year as per the guidelines of Mumbai University. Specialization is offered in the second year (MMS II) when core subjects are taken up by students. The institute also offers electives throughout the course.

Candidates are required to take a practical approach to learning by doing project work, field studies, market research, games applying management concepts and case studies.

Student’s participation in the course is evaluated on the basis of his performance throughout the semester like participation in the class in various activities, quizzes, surprise and pre-announced mid-term tests. There is a written (theory) exam carrying an almost equal weightage at the end of the term/semester. The assessment of the student is done by the institute for the first year (MMS I) and by institute/university in the second year. Student is required to score a minimum of 50% individually in all the subjects he wishes to take-up.

The University of Mumbai awards ‘MMS’ degree to the student after successful completion of the course.



No transfer is allowed in second year (MMS II) course from one institute to another. For granting of the terms / semester a minimum attendance of 75% is required for all the subjects separately failing which a student is not permitted to appear for ensuing semester end examination.


Schedule (tentative)

The course is conducted on a semester basis with 4 semesters spread over 2 academic years. The duration of each semester is around 15 working weeks.

Semesters: (tentative)

First Semester:            August to December

Second Semester:       January to April

Third Semester:           July to November

Fourth Semester:         January to April

Summer Projects

Students take up summer projects after completing their first year for about 8 weeks to get hands on experience of the corporate world.