Disruptions – A way of life

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On 22-Dec-2016, the students of JBIMS had the privilege of hosting Mr. Supratik Bhattacharyya, Vice President Group HR at RPG Enterprises. He kick-started the session by describing how in the last couple of decades, businesses have undergone dramatic changes and how agility and efficiency hold the key to succeeding in this ever-evolving environment.

Mr. Bhattacharyya gave the students a glimpse of the technologies which have the potential to reshape the world in which we live. From data analytics to Artificial Intelligence, a relentless parade of modern technologies is coming up in every sector. This technological tsunami is leading to a global shift of power. Today, companies are expanding into unchartered markets and taking risks to stay relevant. It is this versatility that will define the future of organizations world over.

Mr. Bhattacharyya spoke of how volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity in today’s business environment have led organizations to evolve their work places and ensure that they encourage employees to take risks and think out of the box. Firms have understood that to get the best out of their employees they need to have an open-door policy and must encourage autonomy. Employees must in turn work towards creating an impact in the organization.

To achieve this Mr. Bhattacharyya urged the students to stretch themselves constantly and fight back in the face of failure. It is this perseverance that will help the students translate their talent into genius. However, he also advised the students that while working towards one’s professional goals, one should give something back to the society. As per him, working for a social cause will help the students unravel new layers of their personality. Mr. Bhattacharyya ended the lecture by stating that a passion for excellence coupled with an unending energy to learn will help the students reach pinnacles of success.