Right from beginning, tadalafil Humankind has strived to satisfy his needs by finding out the solutions to challenges faced by him. This resulted in the discoveries and inventions throughout the ages. With each new discovery or invention, man has achieved something which has been beneficial to him and the future generations. Each achievement requires a lot of thinking, planning, execution, control, ability to handle pressure and failures, hardwork and a little bit of luck as well.Enigma the online gaming event of Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies is a salute to the solution finders amongst the mankind.

Solving seemingly unsolvable questions is one of the most important management skills. Enigma tests the same capability of future managers. Various online games are designed to challenge best brains of future problem solvers. Enigma games not only test knowledge but also analytical powers required to synthesize the solution from available knowledge.

The festival enjoys enthusiastic participation from all the B-schools across India. The best brains from all over the country compete for supremacy in the exciting games. Experience the excitement each year at Enigma.

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