Ensight 2007, JBIMS – A melting pot of ideas, viewpoints, and individuals.

Ensight 2007, the entrepreneurship extravaganza at JBIMS, held on August 24th, 2007 was a stupendous success. The event drew a large response from MBA colleges all across Mumbai. With 3 live cases to solve and business insights from start up gurus like Mr. Alok Kejariwal (Founder contests2win), Mr. Jinesh Shah (Noted VC), Mr. Rajesh Dalal (Johnson & Johnson), Mr. Ankur Gupta (i-I Movement and Mind management) and Ms. Purvi Sheth (Shilputsi Consulting) it was no wonder that the participants were bound in rapt attention.


Idea to Sustainable Enterprise by Mr. Arun Shah

E-Cell, JBIMS organized a comprehensive three day workshop by Mr. Arun Shah, Managing Director Champagne Indage. In this workshop participants had to build their dreams and transform them into feasible business propositions.

Business Plan Workshop by Ms Purvi Sheth and Mr. Rajesh Jog

E-Cell, JBIMS organized the workshop centered on idea generation, assessing the feasibility, developing a business plan, obtaining finance, marketing the product/service, and other resources required to start a business. Ms. Purvi Sheth, Vice President of Shilputsi Consultants and Mr. Rajesh Jog, Venture Capitalist provided students an opportunity to broaden and hone their skills and equipped them to make a viable business plan in the future.

E-Cell Games

Marketing Maestro

The competition required participants to set up a trading enterprise with a unique brand name, vision and objective. The enterprise had to create its own portfolio by sourcing NGO products strategically from E-Cell and subsequently selling the products in the market. The main goal behind the venture was profit maximization blended with best strategy.

Product Innovation Challenge

In Product Innovation Challenge students were required to design and submit a prototype of an innovative product. Top teams of the first round went into the next. Teams were evaluated by a distinguished panel on the following parameters-innovation, creativity, strategy, profit evaluation, marketing strategy and salability. Deliverables included a report and presentation encompassing their plan.

Entrepreneurship Lectures

Guest lecture on “Thinking like an Entrepreneur” by Prahlad Kakkar

Mr. Prahlad Kakkar, a man who doffs many hats, is a founder-owner of Genesis Film Production Pvt. Ltd., a restaurateur – his restaurants include Papa Ponchos (Bandra) and ‘Sarson da saga’; a manufacturer of cigar brand ‘sherger’ in Phillipines. He is also the founder of the first Scuba Diving School in India and a Co-founder of Reef Watch Marine Conservation. He addressed the students of Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies on September 20, 2006.

Mr. Prahlad Kakkar explained the importance of handling uncertainty and smelling opportunity in every crisis by tactfully thinking on one’s feet. “Playing safe” is curse for an entrepreneur and today’s education system propels one towards structured thinking and taking calculated risk. He urged students to break-free and execute the ideas without bothering about the consequences. He also spoke about his various entrepreneurial activities and the challenges that he faced while setting them up, the latest being the scuba diving school at Lakshwadeep. Throughout his session he emphasized on innovation and risk taking aspects of entrepreneurship.

Guest lecture on “International Entrepreneurship” by Ashok Vasudevan

Mr Ashok Vasudevan, Co-founder and Chief Executive of Preferred Brands International Ltd , Chairman of Tasty Bite Eatables Ltd and Professor of International Entrepreneurship at Harvard Business School addressed the students of Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies on ‘International Entrepreneurship’ on September 25,2006.

He articulated International Entrepreneurship with emphasis on its various aspects and its growing importance in the global business environment. Citing various examples of famous entrepreneurs and innovators, he emphasized that it is the right combination of an individual¸ an idea, a product or capital which leads to an enterprise with strategy forming the core. The session was very interactive inspiring students to tread into the world of entrepreneurship.

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