Idea, Innovation, Solution- the three words that impact the way a corporate makes decisions. That is what ‘Strategym’ – the Annual Business Convention of J.B.I.M.S. is all about. After a long wait of three years, we are proud to present the 19th edition of the event -‘Strategym: Resurgence’ (2017-18). The theme for the case presentation is ‘Sustainability’. The event will take place in the J.B.I.M.S. campus on 15th February, 2018.

Strategym, since its inception in 1995, has provided cutting edge solutions to business through innovative ideas in the unexplored areas of management disciplines. The fresh and engaging perspectives of the youth are congregated with the expertise and experience of the luminaries of the corporate world. The papers presented at the convention focus on the current industry problems to spawn ingenious solutions; and they go through a stringent screening process before being presented at Strategym, where they are adjudged by industry experts and prominent faculty members.

Today, as Strategym readies itself to enter into its 19th year, it leaves behind a colourful and prolific history of success. The vast panoply of panelists that have contributed to this event in terms of time and wisdom is invaluable. Had it not been for their support, Strategym would not have been as well-known as it is today. Though enumerating all of the judges would be an endless task, but a few who have been humble enough to guide the students are worth mentioning. The names in this parenthesis would include Ms. Chanda Kochhar, Mr Kishore Biyani, Mr. Ajay Piramal, Mr. Keki Mistry and Mr. Manohar Joshi, along with many other luminaries who are as precious as the aforementioned.

If the participation of judges was a feature to reckon with, the students also made sure they delivered nothing but the best. Providing ample evidence to the same are the many papers that have been adopted by relevant organisations from the industry for implementation. These include ‘Restructuring Banking in Rural India’ by Bank of India, ‘Housing Price Index’ by LIC, ‘From Calamity to Disaster Management’ by UNDP, ‘Ensuring Insurance’ by Birla Sunlife Insurance, and many others. These have further strengthened the role of Strategym as a bridge between Industry and B-schools.

A glimpse of Strategym’s successful history

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