Guest Session on “High Performance Organizations” – by Mr. Rajesh Hurkat

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2nd September 2017: JBIMS had the pleasure of hosting a guest session by Mr. Rajesh Hurkat, HR Head, Mattel India on “High Performance Organizations” and the importance of this concept in setting up Asia’s biggest chocolate factory in Andhra Pradesh.

The session commenced with Mr. Hurkat describing his work experience at Mattel India. He spoke about the work culture and importance of cohesiveness among the employees as well as the importance of talent recognition and methods to nurture it. Mr. Hurkat shifted his focus to Mattel’s operations in India which is one of the three key markets along with China and Indonesia. He mentioned that the workforce at Mattel India is young with more than 60% of the employees being in the 25-30 years of age bracket. And to engage their employees Mattel India has introduced various programs such as Coffee with Colleague, Mattel Galaxy Awards, and Mattel Premier League (MPL). Mattel Galaxy Awards is a unique program where employees are given an opportunity to present ideas to drive growth at Mattel India. Ideas selected through this program are piloted and based on their success, they are rolled out throughout India.

Further, Mr. Hurkat explained about the core values of the organization which are neatly summed by the acronym W.O.N.D.E.R. He stressed on values viz. encouraging employees to think out of the box, team-work, significance of speed and agility, and respect for one another. As the session progressed, he highlighted five key points that constitute the principles for ‘High Performance Organizations’ and elaborated each of them in extreme detail from the perspective of employees and the management. He mentioned the significance of this model in setting up the chocolate factory in Andhra Pradesh where 54% of the employees are women and the average age of the employees is merely 19 years.

Post this, a highly interactive Q&A session followed where students asked questions about Mattel India and the concept of High Performance Organizations. Mr. Hurkat was impressed by the enthusiasm and inquisitiveness of the students.