‘Change is inevitable; Progress is optional’. Two illustrious future-looking organizations which firmly believe in this principle – Accenture & LinkedIn graced JBIMS with their presence on campus on the evening of 27th July. Mr. Nilesh Deshpande from Accenture & Ms. Deya Bandopadhyay from LinkedIn interacted with students of the MMS II batch, as part of the campus launch of the HackFest 2016. Inspired from the LinkedIn-arranged HackFest last year, Accenture & LinkedIn together are organizing HackFest this year for the first time in India for students of prestigious institutes. HackFest will be a two-day event in which shortlisted candidates will tackle problems that are expected to create disruptions in the near future.


The HackFest is themed around evaluating human performance at work. It will revolve around workforce of the future since the workspace is contstantly changing. Organizations will continously face questions on how to hire, engage, nurture & excite their workforce. Due to dynamic technology, they are and will be extremely knowledgeable and aware of better options. Digital technology is the major driver which causes business environment to keep evolving from time to time. Since technology jumps are becoming more frequent, time gaps between environment evolutions also are reducing drastically. This will have a major impact on various strategic issues that an organization will have to face and this defines the problem statement for HackFest 2016.

After two rounds of shortlisting on the basis of a written answer and a video, the final round will be held in Bangalore in September 2016. Teams will be formed by the organizers from amongst engineers, undergraduate students & MBA students. This will provide a real-life experience of working in teams of unknown people. Cases will be provided to each team who then have to find a feasible solution to the same. These students will be mentored by senior leadership from both organizations so that they progress along the right path.

This competition will also provide a great opportunity to network with the best B-Schoolers in India as well as industry leaders. The exposure and test of people management skills are sure to help every participant elevate his competency levels by leaps & bounds. The organizations in turn will have a bevy of the most talented students to help them tackle problems they are sure to face soon. The session created a huge buzz on the campus and this competition will surely be a trend-setter amongst many others.