HR Analytics: Data Driven Decisions – by Mr Rajesh Lele

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January 31, 2018: JBIMS had pleasure of hosting Mr Rajesh Lele, General Manager, e-HR, Tata Motors for a guest session on HR Analytics. Mr Lele has been associated with Tata Motors since October 2011.

The session commenced with Mr Lele sharing his experience in the corporate domain and mentioned briefly about HR analytics. He emphasized on the goal of HR analytics which is to improve employee & business performance. Interacting with the students, Mr Lele differentiated between HR Analytics and People Analytics. Further, he explained the HR Analytics Maturity Model with four levels: Operating Reporting, Advanced Reporting, Advanced Analytics, Predictive Analytics. Mr Lele stressed on the several operations performed under these headers. The concept was further explained in relation to Google and Teach for America.

Mr Lele, then highlighted the criteria for evaluation of HR analytics readiness. With in-depth explanation regarding the topics, he described leadership awareness, process maturity, data, tools & technology, resources and decisions. Further, he mentioned various examples used by TATA Motors elucidating the concept of Balanced Scorecard Monitoring. He even touched upon the numerous additional projects at the organization that deploy the functionality of HR Analytics such as leave Analysis, Recruitment Analysis, Telecom consumption, Attrition analysis.

On a concluding note, the session ended with an insightful Q&A session. The students gained a better understanding about the subject and were curious to learn more about HR Analytics along the way.