HUL “Unilever Unplugged” at JBIMS campus

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6th September 2017: JBIMS had the pleasure of hosting Mr. Nikhil Jacob, Category Customer Director – Foods & Refreshments, HUL for the Unilever Unplugged event. Unilever Unplugged is a simulation of marketing scenarios where single decision has substantial impact on the business.

The session started with Mr. Jacob appreciating the large participation by the MMS – I students of JBIMS. He further interacted with students regarding famous myths surrounding marketing roles and fetching reasons for the same. He took up five of such myths and provided arguments, thus busting them along with the batch. This segment of the session was highly insightful and the students had various marketing related queries answered during the discussion.

The session advanced into the competition phase as Mr. Jacob explained the rules for the simulation process after which the participants dived right into the competition. After eight rounds, the simulation ended and before declaring the ultimate result, Mr. Jacob clarified the thought process that was expected for correct answers by giving examples supporting the solution. The winners were declared post the discussion.

The session ended on a high note with students picking up valuable learning’s from the event. The discussions rendered clearer understanding of the concepts of marketing thus adding to the effectiveness of the programme.