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“Learning is a perpetual journey. One who measures it by success ends up restricting it with a narrow definition.” When a session begins with such a profound thought, the audience knows they are in for something special. The students at Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies were testimony to a similar phenomenon when Mr. Amit Bhosale, an alumnus of the batch of 2000, visited his alma mater on 09th December, 2016. Mr. Bhosale, SVP & Head of Risk Management, ICICI Prudential AMC, shared the journey of his life with the students who listened to him with rapt attention.

Mr. Bhosale started off by talking about how the world, particularly India, had evolved over close to two decades since the 1990s. He pointed out that the 90s marked the beginning of most technological shifts in India, making it a cradle of many an innovation to come. Mr. Bhosale described how the Indian economy had changed over the years post liberalization, opening up new avenues for businesses and individuals alike. He also recounted how the markets underwent changes due to the entry of foreign investors and how Indian businesses reacted to the rising competition due to MNCs. The Indian markets are heavily influenced by global trends due to the deep ties with businesses and nations around the world.


Mr. Bhosale reminisced about his fulfilling days at his alma mater right at the turn of the century. He recalled a quote by one of his professors “Luck is when preparedness meets opportunity,” which had stayed with him throughout his life, even into his professional career. He remarked that the faculty was the hallmark of JBIMS and the students should consider themselves lucky to be blessed with such an enriching aspect. He also mentioned that he felt immense pride to have been a part of the institute’s glorious legacy.

Mr. Bhosale then gave the young audience some useful tips on making wise career choices. He stressed on the three factors that the students need to consider before deciding on a career path – what they are good at, what they enjoy doing, and whether they feel aptly rewarded. According to Mr. Bhosale, the decision must try to strike a balance between the aforementioned factors. Even if the decision leads to a failure, one need not worry too much. “Life is a test match, not a T20 match,” he said, adding that one could always turn over a new leaf and start afresh. Mr. Bhosale discussed the various factors required to make a successful career as a management professional, devoting special time to the skills required for a career in investment. He also asserted that communication skills are as important as technical skills, whatever job one chooses to do.

The lecture ended with a Q&A session, wherein students asked Mr. Bhosale a wide variety of questions right from his career journey to the global economic scenario. The students walked away enthused, aspiring to emulate this eminent alumnus of Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies.