“Investing is Simple but Not Easy” – by Mr Modan Saha

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December 9, 2017: JBIMS had the pleasure of hosting Mr Modan Saha, CEO, Tata Strategic Management Group for a guest session on investments. With massive experience in the field of investments, Mr Saha’s presence at the campus proved to be an enriching experience for the students. The excitement was quite apparent before and throughout the session.

Mr. Saha commenced the session by sharing his hard-earned learnings through years of experience and the insights he developed from them. He shared with the students his approach towards successful investing, his observations of periodic changes which he aptly termed as ‘lunar phases & stock markets’, seasonal effect of stock price movement in certain time of year, month and even week. He enunciated the link between astrology and stock market and ‘hand of God’ driving market capital in India. To further build up on his learnings, he gave the batch some food for thought posing an intriguing question ‘whether Facebook can predict stock market activity?’

The session further moved to the factors that affect or at times even drive human behaviour in stock market. These insights were product of very keen, consistent observations and experiments by Mr. Saha throughout his years in investing. The session then took a turn with Mr. Saha summing up his wisdom into 12 mantras of investing which he called robust, practical and indeed play a key role in successful investing.

The session was then followed by even more enriching Q&A. The batch took away very important tools which will act as their compass and map in the sea of investing and book titles which will guide them when experimenting with new ideas. The learnings from the session certainly add great value to every investor’s compendium.