Jubilant Industries Ltd. – Sales Success Mantra

On 13th November 2016, Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies had the privilege of hosting a guest lecture by Mr. Videh Jaipuriar, CEO and Managing Director, Jubilant Industries Ltd. Mr. Jaipuriar kick-started the session by sharing with the students some precious moments of his college days. The students could relate to his experiences at JBIMS.

Mr. Jaipuriar dived into the world of marketing and gave the students an insight into how marketing has transformed over the years. Describing the omnichannel marketing strategy that brands have adopted over the last few years, he went on to explain the criteria that organizations employ to select a favorable channel for them. He enlightened the students on the various strategies in marketing and how the customer is at the center of every strategy. Marketing jargons like sales efficiency, customer fragmentation, effective branding strategies, etc. were elucidated effectively.

Taking the session forward he spoke about the latest trends in the agriculture sector in India and what contributions can be made to improve it. He explained in detail the government subsidies on fertilizers and other agricultural products and spoke about its impact on the economy of the country as well as on the various stakeholders involved in the sector.


Today with industries becoming vertical, more and more MNCs are becoming centralized and the markets are evolving. He described how it has become critical for students to gain early exposure in the field of their interest and gain that early momentum in their careers. He gave insights into how Jubilant Industries Ltd. has become a market leader in their sector.

In the latter part of the session, he outlined the various disbursement and divestment strategies adopted by the government and spoke at large of its impact on the economy. He urged the students to persevere to achieve their goals and encouraged them to pursue what they believe in. Mr. Jaipuriar wished them luck for successful careers while stressing on making a substantial and positive difference in the industry.