“Leadership Journey” – by Mr Anuj Awasthi

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December 14, 2017: JBIMS had pleasure of having Mr Anuj Awasthi, Head – trade Marketing and Shopper Insighting, Godrej Consumer Products Limited. Mr Awasthi is an alumnus of JBIMS, Batch of 2003.

The session commenced with his journey of 14 years with Godrej in different roles and responsibilities and his various experiences. He interacted with the batch discussing career horizons where he mentioned that a career in the corporate domain is a minimum of 35 years. He emphasised on the Indian mentality of chasing success. Further, he stressed on the significance of experience and underlined its value while comparing with promotions and achievements. Mr Awasthi highlighted the magnitude of learnings which one acquires from the positive as well as negative experiences.


He then shared his rich experience of becoming the Brand Manager where he was present to witness the process from conceptualization of the product to the selling of it in the market. He further emphasised on the Career Enablers such as the sports activities where one can channelize one’s stress in areas of achieving something fruitful. Mr Awasthi accentuated on the importance of humility and respect for others to become successful.

He then talked about the career growth which happens through continuous learnings in depth. Career Success is only absolute which he explained with an example of participating in a Marathon where the competition is not against everyone else around. Furthermore, he cited that a career is what an individual and organization create through mutual benefit.

The session was then followed by Q&A which turned out to be an insightful discussion. Mr Awasthi gladly answered the questions in an elaborate manner. The session was quite enriching, with students gaining lots of insights about career and were left with renewed zeal to excel in their endeavors.