Mahindra War Room Campus Round

On 26th Sep, 2016, one of India’s top B-school competitions – Mahindra War Room was held at JBIMS. The hype surrounding the event was huge with teams performing extensive research to come up with disruptive solutions to real time business problems. Mr. Nikhil Madgavkar (Executive Vice President and CFO, Farm Equipment Sector & Two-wheeler), Mr. Ruben Mascarenhas (Project Manager, CMSS) and Ms. Carina Sequeira (Group HR, GMC Team) were present as jury members for the evaluation. There was an air of excitement in the campus as the 6 teams lined up to present their case reports. The teams had a total of 30 minutes to present their case which included 20 minutes of presentation & 10 minutes of Q&A session. With Mahindra announcing that the team with the most innovative name would receive prizes, contestants came up with novel names which induced chuckles from the judges. The teams were Central Line Warriors, Gumnaam, Tum Mujhe PPO Do Me Tumhe Strategy Dunga, JB Wale Babu Jara PPO La De, Kya Naam Rakhe and Naam Me Kya Rakha He.


The presentations proved to be gripping and ranged across various sectors from Automobile Shredding to Agri-Finance. The strategies formulated and the solutions provided by the teams were highly comprehensive and gave interesting insights into the respective sectors. The judges were intrigued by the solutions provided and questioned the students on the various nitty-gritties of their plan. The contestants, who had done thorough research of their respective cases, came up with convincing answers and compelling explanations which impressed the judges.  

On the basis of their strong performances in the presentation, 3 teams were announced as the winners, namely – Central Line Warriors, Gumnaam and Kya Naam Rakhe. Mr. Dnyanesh Kulkarni was conferred with the ‘Best Presenter’ title. The jury appreciated the content and delivery of the presentations along with the solutions provided by the teams. The event wrapped up with the junior MMS batch looking forward to participating in this top B-school competition with vigour and verve.