“Mantras of Effective Leadership” – by Mr Rahul Razdan

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November 17, 2017: JBIMS had a pleasure of hosting Mr. Rahul Razdan, CEO, Reliance Jio Messaging Services Pvt. Ltd. for JBIMS Business Conclave.


Mr. Razdan commenced the session by walking us through his journey of last 17 years in the corporate world. Having worked across multiple organizations in multiple roles, his career path is an inspiration in itself. He shared with us his key learnings through all those years; very smartly summing them up in powerful statements, he left us with mantras of effective and efficient leadership. The aura of session was elevated to another level by the insightful stories behind those mantras.

The first of the mantras was “you’ll be rewarded disproportionately if you successfully tread an oath which is less trodden”. This is truly substantiated by numerous examples in history, the most notable of them being Christopher Columbus’ journey and the same was one of the major inspirations for Mr. Razdan’s current venture.

Second was that “disruption is force multiplier” which speaks of the sum total of conventional thoughts and value creation. This is demonstrated throughout history and is more relevant in this age, well supported by the whopping improvement of India’s ranking in internet usage index in last one year due to a recent disruption in the telecom industry.

The audience was awestruck at this wisdom being followed through time and its striking relevance even in today’s modern times. Mr. Razdan then shared his thoughts on key aspects of running a big business. The session then transformed into a discussion with the audience. The session concluded post the Q&A and students were left with curiosity to further explore the mantras and their effectiveness in their lives.