NAO – The future of Artificial Intelligence: A Leadership talk by IBM

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18th August 2017: The MMS-II students at Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies had the privilege of hosting Mr. Avinash Joshi, General Manager, Global Technology Source, IBM and his team for a session on Artificial Intelligence and discussion regarding development of expertise in one’s career.

The session kick-started with an interactive exercise to showcase the importance of competition in the world. After a Q&A regarding data analytics and AI, the session progressed into wide discussion about generation of data and the position of IBM in data analytics. After a brief talk on the advent of mobile banking and some insights regarding biz development, Mr. Avinash Joshi talked about his corporate journey and how every role added value to his career. He stressed on the importance of identifying activities one is proficient in and on becoming eminent in the same.

The talk advanced into redefining the essence of competition and the importance of exceeding expectations set by an entity. Further the session progressed into a comparison between Biz development and Sales and how they differ from each other. Mr. Joshi also focussed on offering equal importance to both short-term and long-term goals as well as the significance of maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

The session was taken to a whole new level when Ms. Vidhya and Mr. Shukla acquainted the batch to ‘NAO’ – the IBM Robot. NAO introduced himself, talked about how excited he was to be at JBIMS and also displayed a host of tricks. The students were excited and applauded all tricks of NAO.

In all, the session was highly informative and interactive which certainly inspired the students and motivated them to work towards developing expertise in a field of their affinity.