“Opportunities in the Pharmaceutical Industry” – by Mr. Chandru Chawla

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21st August, 2017Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies had the pleasure of hosting a guest session by Mr. Chandru Chawla, Global Head – Strategy, Mergers and Acquisitions and Cipla New Ventures (CNV). Mr. Chawla was accompanied by Ms. Meenakshi Ramalingam, Lead-Employer Branding and Campus.

The session kick-started on an interactive note with Mr. Chawla seeking opinions of the students regarding the current state of pharmaceuticals industry in India. The discussion further continued with varied views of the students on the reasons that have affected the industry. Mr. Chawla explained how management is not a perfect science which can guarantee results based on a formula and thus how much a manager is expected to take into consideration variables in order to strategize and plan accordingly. He explained the role of black swan thought process and how a change in perspective can work wonders for a manager.

Further, he focused on how India is one of the biggest driver for pharmaceutical companies and what parameters are affecting the growth of the same viz. affordability, accessibility and elaborated on the need for inclusion of tier III and lower groups of societies in provision of healthcare facilities in India as major chunk of that population lacks access to the medicines and healthcare facilities. He enlightened the fact about the monopolistic nature of distributors in India and negligible contribution of organised sector in the capital as compared to developed countries where the contribution is higher in the range of 90% in comparison to our meager 10% contribution.

On a concluding lap, he expanded upon the FDA regulations and explained its impact on national and global level. The importance of scrutiny and the basis behind the norms was explained in a very coherent style that gave the students clarity over the current issue regarding the FDA norms. The entire session was excitingly interactive and students showed huge levels of enthusiasm in asking doubts and discussing ideas with Mr. Chandru Chawla, to which he proactively responded and encouraged the ideas on every level.