Placement Process

Pre – Placement Talk
A very important forum on campus to make the students aware of the company in terms of opportunities for growth, job profile and the remuneration offered. It also gives students the chance to interact with employees of the company and learn more about the work culture.

Student Voting
The company is ranked by the batch through a democratic voting process.
These rankings would be typically based on the following parameters :

1. Job profile and prospects
2. Remuneration
3. Visibility on Campus
4. Past recruitment record
5. Commitment to the Institute
6. Alumni feedback.

The students’ resumes to be sent to the companies will be in the JBIMS format unless specified otherwise.

Issue of Short-Lists
The company is requested to send in the shortlist of qualifying students in advance to the placement committee.

On Campus Recruiting
Prior to arrival on campus, the companies are requested to inform the Placement Committee about the modalities of the recruitment procedure to be followed by them.

Note: All assessment and written examinations should be completed at least 1 week before the actual placement process.

Visibility on Campus
JBIMS provides multiple avenues for companies to increase their visibility on campus. This helps the students to get a close look at the companies and acts as a deciding factor in his/her preference at the time of student voting and campus recruitment. The platforms available to the companies are:

1. Sponsoring case study competitions
2. Live Off-Summer projects
3. Workshops or guest lectures on campus
4. Participation in Strategym: The Annual Business Seminar
5. Interaction with student clubs