Reliance Industries Limited – Leadership Session

JBIMS had the pleasure of hosting a guest lecture graced by Mr. Rajiv Vaishnav, Reliance Industries Ltd., Ms. Aarti Jhingon, Employer Branding & Campus Relations, Group HR, Reliance Industries Ltd. and Mr. Gaurav Mundra, a JBIMS alumnus from the batch of 2012.

The session started with Ms. Jhingon giving a brief introduction of the guests present. Then, it was taken over by Mr. Vaishnav, who gave an insight into the journey of his life so far. Born and brought up in Mumbai, Mr. Vaishnav completed his B.Sc. in Chemistry from the University of Mumbai. He further added that right from the beginning, he wanted to do business and started his professional career by working in the textile industry. Climbing up the professional ladder, he worked in various organisations ranging from Glaxo Pharmaceuticals to Silver Brazing alloys. Then, he worked with Indo-American Chamber of Commerce (IACC) for four and half years where he met his mentor Dr. Arun Vakil. In IACC, with the attitude of learning anything and everything that comes by, he started training people on computer and helped them in building their confidence. He then joined the Air Express International, air and ocean freight forwarding company as the Sales and Marketing in-charge of the Western Division. After working there for three and a half years, he joined the U.S. freight forwarding giant Emery Worldwide. He then shared with the students his experience of working in Emery Worldwide where he was given the responsibility of constructing a warehouse for General Motors at Dahisar Mori. After a brief stint at Emery Worldwide, Mr. Vaishnav once again joined the IACC, now as the Regional Director. He said after joining IACC again, he identified three main problems in the organisation: no revenue, no relationship with the U.S. government and very low staff morale. He immediately focused on these issues and brought about a significant improvement. After working for one year as the Regional Director of IACC, Mr. Vaishnav said, he was appointed as the Director of TiE, a non-profit, global community welcoming entrepreneurs from all over the world.


Two years later, he joined the NASSCOM, a premier organisation that represents and sets the tone for public policy for the Indian software industry. Mr. Vaishnav worked there for 13 years honoring prestigious posts like Vice President of NASCCOM. After that, he joined Reliance Industries Limited where he is responsible for evangelizing the Start-Up ecosystem, identifying and connecting with deserving start-ups, academia, government agencies, mentors, angel investors and global VC networks. He urged students to develop a willingness to change their mindset and look out for unchartered territories.

The session continued with Ms. Jhingon giving an insight into three important sectors of Reliance industries: Retail, Jio and Textiles. She encouraged the students to think about becoming a part of the rapidly growing and vibrant organisation. In the final phase, Mr. Gaurav shared his experience at RIL and opened the stage for questions and the students responded with equal enthusiasm.