Reliance ‘Off The Record’ Alumni Connect Session

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21st August, 2017: The MMS-I students of JBIMS had the pleasure of hosting Mr. Gaurav Mundra, from class of 2012, currently working at the Chairman’s office at Reliance Industries Limited and Mr. Mrudul Parikh from class of 2016, currently working as a Management trainee at Reliance Industries Limited.

The session was opened by Mr. Gaurav Mundra, giving brief introduction of the session’s agenda and the podium was took over by Mr. Mrudul Parikh talking about his roles and responsibilities like making strategic decisions, understanding the basics of the business and much more. The talk was carried forward by Mr. Gaurav Mundra; he started with a detailed description of RIL group, explaining various verticals and the functions within them. He then charted out his journey at RIL for last 5 years and elaborated on various functions he has worked in and talked about his experience and value addition from each role.  An important take away from the topic was being flexible in the job profiles you get and grab every opportunity you get to grow.

Mr. Mundra elaborated on the various finance related roles available in the industry. He enumerated different broad roles and segregated them further into detailed roles. He explained the functioning in each of those roles. There were questions regarding the lateral movement within departments, he answered the question citing an example of project life cycle and how teams are switched.

The talk later was followed by Q&A session at length. Students asked about the current finance roles in the industry and certifications that can be aid in preparing for the corporate world. Mr. Mundra’s key advice was to utilize the two years’ time to think and achieve complete clarity about career goals. He also mentioned the importance of working in different roles and the significance it holds for growing in the business domain.

On a concluding lap, the event was highly interactive and insightful. The experiences shared by the dignitaries certainly had an impact on the students and would positively influence their approach towards career goals.