Reliance on The Treasures of Finance

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On 7th December 2016, Mr. Kashyap Mody, Vice President, Treasury, Reliance Industries Ltd. and Mr. Gaurav Mundra, Treasury, Risk Management at Reliance Industries Ltd. and a JBIMS alumnus of 2012 batch visited the revered campus of Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies. Mr. Mody who manages a fixed income and equity portfolio of $14 billion commenced the session by giving a brief description of the different roles in Treasury.

He described the functions of an equity trader and how they differ from a fund manager and salesperson. He expounded on how learning on the job is essential and why people who deal in equity markets are extremely passionate of their work. The mark of a true equity fund manager as per Mr. Mody is that he not only cherishes the moments when his predictions come true but also knows how to handle losses. He further engaged the students by giving them insights into how risk is monitored and managed during volatility in the markets.


A CA rank holder, Mr. Mody then went on to explain how treasury roles in banks are unique and include balance sheet desk and trading desk. While the balance sheet desk assesses markets, and takes care of funding requirements, trading desks run risks on foreign exchange and fixed income. Trading desks conduct in-depth analysis on various macro and micro economic factors to understand and predict emerging market flows better.

He spoke at length about the roles that employees are offered in corporate treasury and how the ability to hedge risk is one of the most sought after qualities in an employee. From foreign currency to managing risk liability, corporate treasury teams manage every aspect of the client’s portfolio.

The industry veteran then delved into how financial markets have changed and shrunk since the global financial crisis of 2008. He stated that learning how markets evolve and gaining new skills is of utmost importance in today’s dynamic world. He also advised the students to understand what they are passionate about and recognize their true calling early in their career. This will help the students steer their career path and focus on realizing their dreams. He urged the students to deliver effective results with the right approach and attitude because in his own words “That is what separates the men from the boys.”