Reliance “The Ultimate Pitch 3.0” Launch at JBIMS

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December 13, 2017: Reliance Campus Relations launched the prestigious B-school competition “The Ultimate Pitch” at JBIMS campus. The competition entered into the 3rd season since its inception. Mr. Santanu Sengupta, Head, Treasury Economics and Strategy, Mr. Satyajit Iyer, Senior Vice President and Head, Talent Acquisition Group and Ms. Manasi Sharma, HR Manager, Reliance Industries Limited were present for the event launch. They were accompanied by Mr. Vikash Goyal and Ms. Pooja Vaniyal, Leadership and Talent Acquisition Team.

The session commenced with a brief history about Reliance Industries Limited and short introduction to “The Ultimate Pitch 3.0”. Further, the dignitaries engaged with the audience playing a quiz game on the Smartphone App “Kahoot!” with questions about the various segments Reliance ventured in before and presently the different sectors the group operates in. As the quiz began, with every question Mr. Sengupta emphasized on different entrepreneurial lessons and skills that are essential for anyone endeavoring in the corporate domain. With learnings about being self-conscious, being driven, being entrepreneurial and about turning crises into opportunities, Mr. Sengupta explained the journey of Reliance Group and how these learnings were vital in the development.

Further, an audio-visual was displayed which gave the audience a better idea about “The Ultimate Pitch 3.0”. The rules of the competition as well as the procedure to register and submit entries was explained. With the concept of making their idea big as well as the testimonials from the previous winners, students stood excited for the competition. There were various rewards for the winners of the campus finals and the grand finale. A chance to meet Reliance Industries Limited’s Chairperson, Mr. Mukesh Ambani, a trip to Jamnagar plant in the Reliance Jet and prizes worth Rs. 5 lakhs and more were up for grabs.

The session also included few trivia questions regarding the Reliance Group, and goodies were awarded to the students who answered the question right. The top 3 scorers of the quiz game on “Kahoot!” app won goodies for their performance. The students were thrilled and eager to be a part of this competition, looking forward to shape their ideas into something – Bigger! Better! More Inspiring!