The Consulting Club,  JBIMS, is a student-run, faculty-guided student body. Our objective is to facilitate the student fraternity at JBIMS with the necessary tools to secure career opportunities in management and strategy consulting.

Our Mission:
» To provide access to the best resources pertaining to Management Consulting and associated Career options
» Build sustainable, mutually beneficial relationships with leading consulting firms in the world
» Bridge the industry-academic gap by facilitating discussions with leading consultants from the industry
» Arrange networking events to facilitate an informal interaction with industry experts and gain a better perspective of the industry

Key Activities:
» Case study workshop
» Resume workshop
» Study groups
» Mock case interviews
» Weekly meets
» Resources on Intranet
» Montly magazine – ConVoyage


As future managers, students of a B-School are expected to have an overall understanding of contemporary issues related to finance. Keeping in view this objective, THE FINANCE CLUB was established in year 2007. Since its inception, this club has provided a common platform for faculty members, professionals from corporate world and students to delve into the constantly evolving world of finance.

A range of activities conducted separately for the MMS-I and MMS-II batch, has led to a focused approach based on needs of these respective batches. Hall of Fame, the flagship event of Finance Club, having a series of quiz and other finance related competitions decides, The Finance Champion of JBIMS. An extremely popular event consisting of competitions which are held to test academic as well as application oriented capabilities of students in finance. Finesse, a monthly newsletter released by the club is a medium through which students can share their viewpoints. The articles featuring in Finesse are well researched by students over a period of time. Apart from this the career section in this magazine is written by an industry expert in the field. The Club has also taken an initiative to be an academic facilitator by providing online resources and information about certification exams, in the form of a repository on its website. All the activities conducted by the club saw an overwhelming response in its maiden year itself. The Finance Club is poised to expand its horizons by increasing the scope of its activities and reaching out to a larger student base in the coming years.

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The Marketing Club aims at instilling the love and arousing the interests of the students towards the brilliance and excitement of the marketing world. The motto of this club is to unravel the marketer in each person.

It does this through a host of various activities, which are conducted throughout the year. Some of the activities with which the club aims to meet its goals are:-


The baCzar is the online monthly magazine of the club. Here, the students share their views and opinions on aspects relating to marketing and selling. By including live and current examples, the readers are kept up-to-date of all the events in the marketing world. This activity forms the USP of the club as it directly helps the club in meeting its final goals. By publishing the magazine, both the author and the reader benefit immensely.

Workshops & Guest Lectures:

So that the students may get insights into the subject from people who deal with these situations on a daily basis, guest lectures and workshops by prominent personalities in the field are occasionally organized.

The students benefit tremendously from these sessions, as the guest lecturers provide them with excerpts from their experiences in the industry and how problem-solving and conflict-resolution will form a daily part of any marketer’s life.

Campus events: 

Every year, we conduct one event in the Annual Inter B-school festival, Prayaag, in accordance with the Catalyst Forum. By engaging with other people during these events, exchanging ideas and finding solutions, the students develop a keen interest towards this facet of business, thus bringing the club closer towards achieving its goal.


As online communities, blogs and social networking sites are gaining relevance and importance in today’s ‘digital’ era, the club decided to use this as a medium to reach out to a wider audience, who can discuss and provide alternative viewpoints by discussing situations and current events on the club page. The club constantly inundates the students with new and exciting advertising campaigns, and encourages them to voice out their opinions on how the campaign should have been executed.

In addition to the above, the club hosts quizzes from time to time, so as to increase the knowledge of the students and develop their interest.

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The Operations Club of JBIMS aims at providing a common platform to all for learning and sharing experiences from the rich and varied operations and supply chain domain. In this highly competitive global market, all industries are striving hard to achieve a lean budget sheet. Operations and supply chain verticals provide maximum opportunities to achieve this. It is hence our endeavor to spread awareness and develop interest amongst all JBIMS students regarding this.

The club conducts a wide range of activities to achieve this goal. It has an online magazine ‘OpVantage’ wherein informative articles and opinions of students regarding various aspects of Operations and Supply Chain Management are published. It also organizes an event in the college’s annual Inter B-school festival – Prayaag, to engage students and encourage sharing of ideas. The famed ‘Beer game’ is conducted to familiarize students with the key principles of Supply Chain Management. The club arranges guest lectures by prominent personalities in the field of Operations to enable students to get insights into this domain and learn from their experiences in the industry. The club also shares interesting news as well as knowledge articles regarding Operations and Supply Chain Management with the students every month. The club maintains a Facebook page as well to facilitate sharing of news, experiences and ideas concerning this field and to reach out to a wider audience.

The club continuously strives to achieve its core purpose of helping students improve their knowledge in this sector. Hence, the members proactively conduct sessions and provide study material to all students before examinations as well as placements.

The Operations Club of JBIMS will continue to strive with renewed vigor to build ‘Operational’ acumen of the students and fraternity. We will ensure that we remain abreast with the latest developments in operations and supply chain domain and work towards making our campus a preferred one for students passionate to pursue this career path.

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