Entrepreneurship Cell

Entrepreneurs are the economic DNA needed to build competitiveness and innovation. The “entrepreneurial spirit” is not just a prerequisite for people thinking of starting their own business but is also becoming imperative for every individual who desires to make a mark in the corporate world. Realizing the need to foster and incorporate the entrepreneurial attitude within the management mould, the Entrepreneurship Cell of JBIMS was founded in January 2006. The vision is to cultivate and nurture an entrepreneurial spirit, a business thought-perspective and an enterprising attitude amongst JBIMS students and the community at large.

E-Cell is in successful collaboration with National Entrepreneurship Network (NEN), a network of academic institutions across India focused on inculcating entrepreneurial spirit amongst students. E-Cell and NEN endeavors to actively contribute towards the development of entrepreneurs.

Since its inception, E-cell has successfully conducted several guest lectures and workshops by renowned entrepreneurs who shared their experiences with the students teaching them various entrepreneurial lessons. E-Cell is also involved in providing holistic consulting and research services to SMEs and NGOs. Active participation in these activities have equipped JBIMS students with a mix of theoretical and practical insights into various aspects of entrepreneurship propelling them towards considering entrepreneurship as a viable career opportunity in future.

Entrepreneurship can be exciting and rewarding, but it also involves risks and hard work. We, the team of E-Cell, JBIMS aim to prepare our students to win against all odds.
The following are the major activities under the purview of E-Cell :

  • Promote and foster the spirit of entrepreneurship.
  • Create support systems necessary for business thought process.
  • Facilitate networking with professional resources, which include mentors, experts, consultants and advisors.
  • Identify ideas and innovations which have potential for commercial ventures.
  • Carry out activities that facilitate knowledge creation, innovation and entrepreneurship among Bajaj students.
  • Inculcate enterprising values in youth and encourage individuals to be socially responsible.

Team Contact Details: 

e-cell@jbims.edu and ecelljbims@gmail.com