Infrastructure Committee

For a student to learn and absorb the teachings imparted to him, a necessary criterion is a favorable environment which assists and supports such learning. With a conducive environment, a student is able to retain better and thus apply the knowledge effectively.

The Infrastructure Committee of JBIMS recognizes this need, and thus works towards providing the students with the suitable environment. The activities of the committee include resolving infrastructure-related issues of the college and identifying contractors & sourcing quotations. This involves close interaction with the college administration and the faculty.

In the recent past, the Infrastructure Committee was solely responsible for setting up the recreational room and committee rooms in the college premises, which was inaugurated by Mr. Niraj Bajaj. The recreational room allows students to relax and de-stress after a long day of lectures. It provides table-tennis, carrom and chess facilities. The committee rooms allow the members of the other committees to have a dedicated space for themselves, where they can focus and plan various activities for the students of the college.

During college events and competitions, the Infrastructure Committee works in unison with other committees and students to handle the infrastructure requirements needed for the competitions.

The committee is also responsible for providing the MMS students with their individual ID cards. The barcode system is also being implemented, wherein each student has a unique barcode assigned to him, thereby, synchronizing the personal data, library records, lecture attendance, etc.; thus creating a single point paperless database.

The future projects of the Infrastructure Committee include:-

  • Digitization of the College Library,
  • Auditorium Renovation,
  • Business News Channel Kiosks.

Thus, the Infrastructure Committee ensures that it provides the students a comfortable environment where they can focus on the activities of the college, whether it be academics or extra-curricular, without much disturbance.