Tata Steel-a-thon Campus Round at JBIMS

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October 23, 2017: The atmosphere at JBIMS was electrifying as four teams competed in the campus round of the coveted Tata Steel-a-thon competition to become the campus winners. The judging panel comprised of dignitaries from Tata Steel – Mr. Biswajit Roychowdhury, Chief Supply Chain Transformation, Global Wires and Mr. Satyajit Maity, Chief Sales Manager, Branded Products, Retail & Solutions (West), Tata Steel. They were accompanied by Mr. Manish Jha, Senior Manager, Talent Acquisition and Mr. Dhirendra Kumar, Sales Manager, Branded Products Retail Segment, Tata Steel.

The event commenced with Mr. Roychowdhury sharing learnings from his 35 years long experience in the steel industry with Tata Steel. He mentioned how things have changed over the years and the importance and contribution of steel in the economy of a country. He explained how steel played a crucial role in the development of Europe, US and China. He explained how per capita consumption of steel is used as an economic development parameter. Further, Mr. Roychowdhury stressed on the risk factors associated with the steel industry in India and how steel will play a key role in the development of India. And to help Tata Steel become a vital player in this development, new and fresh ideas are required giving birth to Tata Steel-a-thon so as to challenge the young management minds of this country with real life cases scenarios.

The cases for this year’s competition were from the following domains – Corporate Strategy, HR, CSR, M&S and Supply Chain & Logistics. Each of these domains comprised of various cases which reflected the real-life challenges faced by Tata Steel in today’s time. Team Cronos, Team Lokhandwale, Team Transcendents and Team Valyrians competed to become the campus winner. Each team presented their solution which was further extended into a Q&A session by the panel to understand more about the feasibility of the solution. In the end, Team Cronos (Austin Fernandes, Divya Kallakuri, Rahul Nair and Vaishnavi Shrungarpawar) were declared as winners for their business model for Jamshedpur FC and Team Transcendents secured runner-up position for their marketing strategy for Welded Wire Fabric.

The event concluded on a positive note as Mr. Dhirendra Kumar shared his experience at Tata Steel and Mr. Maity provided guidance to the audience for next year’s Tata Steel-a-thon.