Testimonial By Tushar Kumar Singh

A walk to JBIMS has always been a walk to remember. The profuse energy on the reclamation walkways, the luscious meadows of the Oval and the dulcets emanating from the majestic university clock whenever the gong strikes the chime. I still remember that walk I had on the first day, clad in the professional raiment, apprehensive on what was to come. I can’t believe what a transformation it has been since then.

It all begins from that simple realization. We all forayed into Bajaj with our variegated experiences and surfeit of dreams, though still privative and lumbering. Bajaj soon becomes your platform and your entourage in chiselling and honing oneself. Be it the ruthless pragmatism which the industry so vehemently venerates, to the bestowal of business praxis, you witness it all. From day one, there hasn’t been a single day when I haven’t added any value to what this emphatic place has endowed me with already. From a faculty that constitutes of doyens and humdingers from the industry, to a pedagogy that transcends the mere tome based learning and calls for sheer contemplation and deliberation, every single day at Bajaj has been stupendously invigorating.

Bajaj is a place which closely emulates the professional realm. We are made to compete, we are made to liaison and we are made to strategize. It’s been an avant-garde of modern management practices and it is so gracefully reflected in all that we partake. We’ve had legions of assignments and countless cups of “cutting-chai” whenever we break between the lectures. We’ve had a multitude of presentations and even an umpteen number of inadvertent examinations. Surprisingly though, I never felt knackered and never felt fatigued. I just kept coming for more, just kept foraging for more and more bits of wisdom and acumen in every word my professors spoke. Even more startling is that education suddenly assumes an enrapturing and engrossing character. I would confess consuming lozenges between the lectures, but I’d also proclaim I’m craving to attend them once more.

In a management institute, it is only befitting that discretion and suzerainty be vested with the students. As members of various committees, we all ensconced in ourselves the ways to run our respective units, like we’d run someday which we so fondly call SBUs. Well, hopefully at least! We seamlessly keep moving from the intellectual platforms to that occasional opportunity to act or shake a leg, all astonishingly under one single roof. The most archetypal element of us is that we’re always doing something. The campus is a melange of activity – Of those guffaws on the staircases and those feeble conversations in the library, to that hallowed canteen which houses some of the most scrumptious of delicacies which its visitors so ardently savour, students and CEOs alike.

Just like that popular adage “If you stay at one place for long, you become that place”. I never realized when this institute, so replete with energy and ebullience and so enshrined with vigour, would become much more than an abode. With all its pertness and its red, Bajaj has become an inhered part of me and my way of life. Having said all this, you just have to witness it all to believe in the splendour. The slugfest you wade through to enter this place, standing atop amidst the thousands! It is only after coming here that you begin spending every day of your life thanking no one but yourself for this cherished gift. That feeling, that enigma, they’re simply ineffable.