“The Purpose in one’s life” – by Mr. MK Anand

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13th September 2017: JBIMS had the pleasure of hosting Mr. MK Anand, MD & CEO, Times Network for a guest session on the significance of purpose in one’s life. Mr. Anand was accompanied by Mr. Vishal Tendulkar, Senior Manager Marketing, Times Network.

Defining one’s “Purpose” was the main core of the session. Mr. Anand perfectly summed up the importance of having purpose when he stated that it’s the key for being successful in all walks of life. Mr. Anand then gracefully drove the point home with real life examples from his personal and professional experience. While doing so he emphasized on noting down detailed goals, since he attributes it with discovery of his purpose, his biggest driving force.

From personal domain, he levelled up to the team development and derived the purpose of a leader from it. In his own words, ‘purpose of a leader is to find purpose of the teammates’, thus taking the session towards organizational domain. As very cleverly highlighted by the man himself, HR and Marketing are most critical functions of an organization, since both functions are about managing people and discovering their purpose. This is turn would give purpose to the organization and everyone will work towards achieving it.

The concept was further elevated with examples around purpose of the brand. Post the unexpected exit of their star anchor, the Times Now brand was re-purposed with ‘Action begins here’ wave. He further explained the creation of Mirror now, and certainly with the purpose of addressing post nationalist issues, the Mirror Now team, though relatively small has achieved tremendous success in short span of time. Mr. Anand, hence laid ample emphasis on discovering the purpose. How to achieve it? Mr. Anand shared his success mantra of writing down the goals. There could not have been better example for this concept other than Mr. Anand’s career path.

The session then progressed to Q&A which turned out to be highly interactive and enlightening. It concluded with Mr. Anand reiterating and encouraging students to rediscover their purpose. The session was highly inspirational and the students would apply the learning’s in their professional and personal lives.