“The World of Investing” by Mr Arun Thukral

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27th September 2017: The MMS-1 students at JBIMS had the privilege of hosting Mr Arun Thukral, MD & CEO, Axis Securities Limited for a session on investing practices in India. Mr Thukral was accompanied by Ms Roopal Khosla, Deputy Manager, HR, Axis Securities Limited.

The session opened with a brief overview about the organization and their practices. The core values such as ‘Run the Last Mile’ and ‘Merit above all’ as well as their significance was explained to the students. Further, Mr Thukral shared his journey from his education to the current position. He stressed on the learnings during his experience in the corporate domain so far. To highlight the importance of curiosity and confidence, Mr Thukral narrated a small story and thus supported the notion of questioning usual practices to learn more.

The session progressed into a discussion about India’s leading position in term of economic growth among BRICS countries. Adding to that, Mr Thukral also mentioned about lower rate of retail participation in the country. Next the session advanced into myth busting with common myths regarding forms of investments and people’s perception about investments were busted.

A Q&A session followed the myth busting with students asking numerous questions to acquire expert opinions about investments. The session was highly interactive and insightful with students gaining knowledge about investments and the current state of different forms of the same in the country.