The Nestlé Story: A Beginning of the Transformation

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21stJuly 2017: The premises was blessed with the opportunity to have Mr. Suresh Narayanan, Chairman & Managing Director of Nestlé India Limited who is also among Board of Directors and Mr. Keyur Gupta, Talent Acquisition, Nestlé India Limited, to share with us ‘The Nestlé Story’.

The event commenced with Mr. Keyur greeting the students and discussing about ‘The Nestlé Story’, about how it started with Lactogen and Ceralac – by touching lives at an early age. He further specified the facts about Nestlé being the largest Food & Beverage Company in the world with over 3.35 Lac employees, 89.46 billion USD of revenue and 407 factories located around the globe.

Mr. Suresh Narayanan started with his memories of being a management trainee at Hindustan Unilever Limited, before starting on ‘The Nestlé Story’. An engrossing video about 150 years of Nestlé nurturing generations was showed in the auditorium that included Origin and the instant recipe of Nestlé Infant Cereals: Cerelac. He further elaborated on stories of various products like Nescafe, Maggie, etc focussing on the concept of ‘Brands with Purpose’. He further detailed on Nestlé’s presence in society covering areas such as schools poor in nutrition, adolescent mothers, collaboration of street vendors with FSSAI, water & sanitation by providing access to clean water in schools, emphasizing on sanitation for school going girls, and to community by engaging with coconut farmers and creating employment opportunities. Nestlé’s corporate campaign of #EducateTheGirlChild was shared in the penultimate section of the session.

On a concluding lap, the event had inspired each one of the students present towards working for a purpose. Mr. Suresh Narayanan shared with the batch his leadership experience in order to guide the future of the industry by explaining the difference in the rules of industry and of educational institutions. He emphasized on the 10 C’s of Leadership which he had formulated from his experience which helped develop a framework to work upon for the students and a life-long lesson for everyone.