Infratech Committee

From the academic year 2018-2019, Infrastructure Committee and Web Committee was amalgamated into a single committee named Infratech. The reason to bring these two committees together is to have easy coordination to handle physical and digital infrastructure of the institute and have a single point of contact for both.
The Infra part of the committee acts as an interface between student body and the college administration. The committee conducts structural audits and provides assistance in the basic administration functionalities. We are planning to increase the accessibility of WiFi, to make give better digital accessibility to students.
The Tech part of the committee has crucial responsibilities of handling the official website of the institute which is its virtual face to the outside world. The website contains the mission and vision of the institute, information about the various courses offered, the student’s profiles, activities and their achievements, the summer and final placement reports, information about various clubs, committees, events and also about the current happenings at the institute. The committee is also responsible for all the IT related activities, such as creating and maintaining the official mail IDs of all the students and committees. All communication to the outside world, for example, educational forums like Shiksha and Pagalguy, is handled by Infratech committee. The committee is also responsible for working and maintenance of WiFi infrastructure in the institute.