Corporate Relations Committee

The Corporate Relations Committee (CRC) is the official liaison between JBIMS and the Corporate World for Engagement activities. The committee is primarily known to bridge the gap between the industry and the student community. CRC works in unison with other committees to elevate JBIMS as a premier management institute in the country. It facilitates student interaction with the industry by connecting JBIMS with the outer world; through the Social Media platforms of Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube. Further, CRC has been instrumental in building and developing relationships with Media houses across the country- attaining coverage of JBIMS in leading publications ranging from the Times of India to GQ. The Corporate Relations Committee plays a key role in student development by regularly hosting Guest Lectures by Industry Experts, thereby increasing the exposure of both the institute and the students, thus opening up avenues for our students in the corporate world. CRC also acts as a mediator between JBIMS and the prospective candidates who aspire to be a part of the institute every year, assisting them by providing vital knowledge regarding life inside the campus.

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