International Research Conference

International Research Conference

International Research Conference (IRC) is the flagship convention of Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies. IRC, the brainchild of Dr. Kavita Laghate, former director of JBIMS, and Dr. Stephen D’silva, former Director of JBIMS, was started in 2012 with the sole aim of leaving a strong and impeccable mark in the field of business and management research. The conference is held every year and provides a rendezvous for researchers, management gurus, university professors, consultants, policymakers, and management students across the globe.

With a different theme every year, such as: ‘Inclusive Growth vis-à-vis Globalization and Reverse Globalization’, ‘Revitalizing Economies, Pioneering Innovation’, ‘Revolutionizing Business, Fuelling Growth’, and ‘Social Innovation: For Transforming The World', the conference is a platform for people to exchange ideas and find ways to resolve the complex issues which corporates and economies face today.

The conference held in Mumbai – the heart of the financial and commercial activity of India – imbues its participants with energy and the ability to discuss the most pressing issues of the day. The organizing committee calls for papers and the best of the papers – evaluated by the subject experts – are published in our research journal ‘JBIMS Spectrum’. The conference entered its 9th year and was last held on 9th April 2022 with the help of Dr. Chandrahauns Chavan, also our former director. A distinguished panel awarded prizes to papers that were given in the fields of finance, marketing, general management, and economics. Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies through IRC remains committed to promoting and nurturing new ideas and continues to contribute its bit to build a perfect society.


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