Entrepreneurship Cell

Entrepreneurship Cell

The Entrepreneurship Cell of JBIMS strives to mentor and support students who have an entrepreneurial spirit in them. The committee’s goal is to bring together and develop a community of committed students, professors, entrepreneurs, small and large business owners, and industry professionals and create a pathway for new and futuristic ideas. We serve as the bridge between enthusiasts and professionals in this field so that young entrepreneurs can learn from their experiences and expertise through interviews, guest lectures, competitions, conclaves, and other interactive events.

The annual entrepreneurship conclave of JBIMS, E-Confluence, was ideated by E-Cell in 2016 to foster the entrepreneurial spirit in the students of Management Studies, thus complementing the academic knowledge with the practicalities of starting and growing a business.

E-Cell also hosts a B-plan competition ‘The Founder’ where young entrepreneurs can present their business ideas which are judged by an expert panel. Winners also have a chance to get funding for their start-ups here.

Recent events:

Guest Session on Growth Marketing delivered by Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) of CoinDCX 



Entrepreneurship Conclave, E-Confluence hosting 10+ CEOs and Founders. Collected INR 2.5 Lakhs+ sponsorship and achieved a footfall of 500+



TFT- The Founder Tales, a talk show and invited entrepreneurs to share their start-up journey


Upcoming Events:

E-confluence 5.0: Annual Entrepreneurship event of JBIMS

Incubator Launch: To provide a physical space for all the budding entrepreneurs to network and grow


For any query, contact: e-cell@jbims.edu


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